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In the field of vascular catheterization it is important to reduce the radiation dose absorbed by the patient and health personnel. We propose a hardware/software integrated system which provides the physician with the possibility of performing these interventions by using an extremely reduced number of RX scans with respect to the usual practice.

Our system includes:

  • Development of an automatic system for adaptive acquisition of the most informative angiography projections and reconstruction of the digital three-dimensional model of the patient circulation system
  • Development of a graphical representation system of the three-dimensional reconstructed model reporting, in real time, the catheter position inside the model
  • Installation and calibration of a positioning system and its integration with the reconstruction and graphical representation systems

Acquisition of most informative angiography projections is realised by using a variation of some adaptive acquisition algorithms developed in the field of Magnetic Resonance (MR) tomography. Differing from existing algorithms, the new algorithms performs the analysis of each RX projection by using a function containing a digital filter to distinguish between vessel information (useful) and other tissue information (not useful). Moreover it uses as a-priori information the circular shape of vessel sections. The output of the acquisition algorithm is a reduced set of projections with higher information content and with no loss of sample information. This method uses fewer projections and thus reduces the radiation dose. The reconstruction algorithm of the three-dimensional model includes an interpolation technique in order to recover the undersampled directions. The reconstruction algorithm takes into account the circular section of the vessels, in order to correctly evaluate their shape and space position.

Index Terms: hardware, software, integrated, system, vascular, catheterization, vessel, angiography, angiogram, magnetic resonance, MR, RX scan.






Figure 1. Vessel angiography

The integrated system has been developed by: Danilo Franchi, Pasquale Gallo, Giancaterino Gualtieri, Carmelita Marinelli, Luca Marsili, Roberto Passariello, Giuseppe Placidi, Luigi Rosa, Antonello Sotgiu. For more detailed information please contact

Click here to download the full patent. The detailed description of the integrated system for vascular catheterization.

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