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Biometrics is the discipline which subject of study is the measurement of physiological or behavioral variables typical of organisms, through mathematics and statistics methodologies. Modern technologies for biometrics identification are able to verify the identity of a person through parameters such as fingerprints, the iris of the eye, DNA, peculiarities of human face. A biometrics system is composed of three principal modules:

  • the module for the acquisition of biometrical signal
  • the module for the extraction of peculiar characteristics of the signal
  • the module for the identification
Nowadays, the solutions based on biometrics are able to give an answer to the emergent necessity in the area of financial and confidential transactions, in handling of privacy and personal data. The need of biometrical solutions is more and more pervasive at worldwide level, in countries and local government, in defense and in commercial applications, protection of financial transactions in banking, for selling in a retail market, to comply law dispositions, for the health and the social services. Here below are presented the various algorithms that has been developed. For each of these algorithms is possible to download the corresponding source code, developed entirely in Matlab language.

Identification of the face [1] [2] [3] [4]
Identification of the iris [1] [2] [3] [4]
Identification of fingerprint [1] [2]
Identification of voice [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Identification of palm [1]
Identification of the shape of the ear [1]
Identification of the walk [1]
Identification of writing [1]
Identification of the expression of the face [1] [2] [3]
Identification of the signature [1]
Identification of the vascular pattern
Identification of the retina

The techniques analyzed have been subsequently used in different contexts, obtaining original results and at the same time very effective:

Optical identification of the characters [1]
Techniques of analysis and forecast of the trend of market shares [1] [2] [3] [4]
Biomedical techniques of identification [1]
Forecasts of time series
Identification of patterns and comparing of digital images [1] [2]

Besides the techniques proposed and already available, we develop other else new, on request, implementing new algorithms. For further information you can contact us at the e-mail address

New - Python Face Recognition
 Biometric Authentication with Python We have developed a fast and reliable Python code for face recognition based on Principal Component Analysis (PCA). Proposed algorithm results computationally inexpensive and it can run also in a low-cost pc such as Raspberry PI.
New - Raspberry PI Remote Desktop
 Raspberry PI Remote Desktop A complete and detailed PDF tutorial to learn how to connect to and from a Raspberry PI using Remote Desktop.
New - Speaker Verification System
 Text-Independent Speaker Authentication There are two major applications of speaker recognition technologies and methodologies. If the speaker claims to be of a certain identity and the voice is used to verify this claim, this is called verification or authentication.
New - Java Face Recognition
 Java-based Biometric Authentication System Face recognition is essential in many applications, including mugshot matching, surveillance, access control and personal identification, and forensic and law enforcement applications.
New - White Papers
 High Capacity Wavelet Watermarking Using CDMA Multilevel Codes This paper proposes a technique based on CDMA and multilevel coding in order to achieve a high capacity watermarking scheme. The bits of watermark are grouped together and for each sequence a different modulation coefficient is used.
New - WebCam Face Identification
 Face Recognition Based on Fractional Gaussian Derivatives Local photometric descriptors computed for interest regions have proven to be very successful in applications such as wide baseline matching, object recognition, texture recognition, image retrieval, robot localization, video data mining, building panoramas, and recognition of object categories.
New - Speaker Recognition System
 Source code for speaker recognition
Speaker recognition is the process of automatically recognizing who is speaking on the basis of individual information included in speech waves.
New - Speech Recognition System
 Source code for isolated words recognition
Speech recognition technology is used more and more for telephone applications like travel booking and information, financial account information, customer service call routing, and directory assistance. Using constrained grammar recognition, such applications can achieve remarkably high accuracy.

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