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生物统计学是一门通过数学和统计的方法以测量生物体的生理变量和典型行为变量为学习目的的学科. 用于生物统计识别的现代技术能够通过一些参数比如指纹, 眼睛的虹膜, DNA(脱氧核糖核酸), 人脸的特征, 来核实一个人的身份.

  • 用于获取生物统计信号的表格
  • 用于提取信号特征的表格
  • 用于识别的表格

今天, 基于生物统计学的方法可以为金融交易和机密交易领域, 私隐信息和个人数据的管理方面出现的需求提供了答案. 生物统计方法的需求在世界上越来越广泛, 在国家和地方政府, 在防御和商业应用方面: 企业网络的安全基础设施, 政府应用程序, 银行部门金融业务的保护, 零售的保护, 遵守法律规定的保护, 医疗卫生和社会服务的保护.
以下向大家介绍各类已经开发出来的算法. 可以下载这些算法中每一种相对应的, 全部由Matlab语言开发的源代码.

脸面的识别 [1] [2] [3] [4]
虹膜的识别 [1] [2] [3] [4]
指纹的识别 [1] [2]
声音的识别 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
手掌的识别 [1]
耳形的识别 [1]
步姿的识别 [1]
笔迹的识别 [1]
面部表情的识别 [1] [2] [3]
签名的识别 [1]

接着这些分析的技术也被利用到其他领域, 获得有独创性的结果, 与此同时也非常有效:

光学符号的识别 [1]
分析和预测交易所证券走势的技术 [1] [2] [3] [4]
识别的生物医学技术 [1]
数字图像的模式和比较的识别 [1] [2]

除了所提到的和已经可以利用的技术之外, 我们还根据要求通过实施新的算法来开发新的技术. 要获取更多的信息, 请通过以下电子邮件联系我们

New - Python Face Recognition
 Biometric Authentication with Python We have developed a fast and reliable Python code for face recognition based on Principal Component Analysis (PCA). Proposed algorithm results computationally inexpensive and it can run also in a low-cost pc such as Raspberry PI.
New - Raspberry PI Remote Desktop
 Raspberry PI Remote Desktop A complete and detailed PDF tutorial to learn how to connect to and from a Raspberry PI using Remote Desktop.
New - Speaker Verification System
 Text-Independent Speaker Authentication There are two major applications of speaker recognition technologies and methodologies. If the speaker claims to be of a certain identity and the voice is used to verify this claim, this is called verification or authentication.
New - Java Face Recognition
 Java-based Biometric Authentication System Face recognition is essential in many applications, including mugshot matching, surveillance, access control and personal identification, and forensic and law enforcement applications.
New - White Papers
 High Capacity Wavelet Watermarking Using CDMA Multilevel Codes This paper proposes a technique based on CDMA and multilevel coding in order to achieve a high capacity watermarking scheme. The bits of watermark are grouped together and for each sequence a different modulation coefficient is used.
New - WebCam Face Identification
 Face Recognition Based on Fractional Gaussian Derivatives Local photometric descriptors computed for interest regions have proven to be very successful in applications such as wide baseline matching, object recognition, texture recognition, image retrieval, robot localization, video data mining, building panoramas, and recognition of object categories.
New - Speaker Recognition System
 Source code for speaker recognition
Speaker recognition is the process of automatically recognizing who is speaking on the basis of individual information included in speech waves.
New - Speech Recognition System
 Source code for isolated words recognition
Speech recognition technology is used more and more for telephone applications like travel booking and information, financial account information, customer service call routing, and directory assistance. Using constrained grammar recognition, such applications can achieve remarkably high accuracy.

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